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Vegan is not a diet.
It's an ideology.

You don't need to stop consuming animal products overnight. You don't even need to be vegan every day! Vine is all about encouraging everyone to take small steps towards the idea of plant-based living by making vegan food tastier than the meat & two veg dinners Irish people have grown up with. 
Life is short - it's too short to live with sacrifice! Each person has their own limits of what is achievable and comfortable for them. It's all about taking baby steps. You'll actually discover that once you really get into vegan cooking, the concept of eating meat & two veg every night seems as dull as watching the same 5 episodes of friends over and over forever. It was good once, but it's really not very exciting!
The idea of moving towards a vegan lifestyle has well established affects on your health, the environment, animal welfare, and your wallet!  

Who is Vine?

Vine Food is a moniker for Dorone Paris’ plantbased cooking. Dorone comes from a family of amazing cooks, who spend their quality time together mostly cooking (it’s true!). Raised on a Persian-Israeli food culture and living in Ireland, her food fuses the middle-east with western ingredients to form a new cuisine.

Why Vegan?

Plant-based food is not just a hipster way of living (:D) It’s actually such an important act to do for yourself, and the world we live in. Eating vegan means that you care for all living beings, from dogs to cows and songbirds to chickens. It also means that you care about your health. Eating meat is directly linked to high colesterol, heart disease, bowel & stomach cancer, high blood pressure and more. By not contributing to the meat and dairy industry, you actively engage with bringing global warming to an end by reducing the need for cattle farming and its implications on methane production, water supply and deforestation. Adopting a plantbased diet also saves you money, and opens up a new, vast and exciting culinary world. With an open mind and a little adjustment, your food will be more tasty and interesting then ever before. 

Our inspiration in the kitchen?

First, Yafa Paris and Morvari Faruhi (Dorone’s mom and grandmother) then Yotam Ottolenghi, BOSH!, Gaz Oakley, Ori Shavit and the spectacular Shikma from TiveonEat.

Vine Food is always 100% plant-based, not processed, home-made, MSG free and absolutely delicious!